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Come and Dig With Us!

Ready to dig for some serious sparkle? People are always itching to join Necia and Jen, the Arkansas Crystal Girls, on our crystal-hunting escapades! And hey, we don't blame 'em—it's a blast! Want in on the action? You've got two options: hang with us directly or jump into our Discord and connect with other crystal-crazed folks just like you. Who knows? You might just dig up the perfect crystal-hunting buddy to join your adventure squad!

Discord Community

Hop onto Discord and dive into the crystal-loving community with us! Chat with Necia and Jen, the Arkansas Crystal Girls, and mingle with other enthusiasts while planning your next digging expedition. Our schedules may be spontaneous, but fear not! Our Discord hangout guarantees you'll always find awesome pals to dig alongside. So, what are you waiting for? Let's chat, plan, and dig up some sparkle together!

Guided Digs

Ready to level up your crystal digging game? Consider booking a private dig with us starting at $400. You'll have the chance to dig alongside Necia and Jen, the Arkansas Crystal Girls, and even get featured in one of our digging videos for social media. Simply fill out our form with your details—like how many are coming and your preferred dates—and let's make your crystal-hunting adventure one to remember! 

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