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Hey y'all! We're the Arkansas Crystal Girls! 

We're two besties, Jen & Necia who dig for crystals in the state of Arkansas.

You may have seen us around on social media, or maybe this is your first time to meet us. Regardless, we say welcome!

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Since we first started digging for crystals together, we have shared our crystal digging adventures on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. It has been a fun and thrilling adventure to say the least!


However, we have come to realize that sometimes it's hard to show you an in-depth look at our experiences in short form videos.


Basically, we are missing out on telling you about the "hidden gems" of everyday life, which we have decided is the best part!


That's why we decided to start this blog!

In a world that sometimes feels too caught up in the rush, we've discovered a profound truth – that the real treasures are often right under our noses!


From the remarkable people we encounter – to delightful escapades into small businesses, mushroom-filled woods, and creative DIY projects, we're on a mission to show you another facet of our adventures.

We are still all about crystal hunting in the scenic landscapes of Arkansas, but we also enjoy shopping local businesses, eating at unique restaurants, and  finding side adventures to explore.


Some of you have expressed interest in learning more about these local gems to make your crystal digging vacations even better, and we can definitely say, we are honored to oblige!


So thank you for joining us in this new adventure into blogging. 


Please consider subscribing so you don't miss any posts. We are excited to connect with you on a deeper level through this new venture!


Happy Digging!


-Jen & Necia

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