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5 Rare and Valuable Quartz Crystals You Can Find Yourself

Updated: Feb 25

Hey Gems, ever dreamed of finding hidden treasures right in your backyard?

Well, guess what? It's doable!

All you need is a little know-how and a sense of adventure.

In this blog, we're going to show you five amazing crystals that you can find yourself.

From knowing how to spot a sparkly solution quartz from a rare blue phantom, we'll tell you where to look and what to look for. Plus, we'll throw in some awesome photos to help you on your crystal-hunting journey.

Let's get digging!

Digging for Phantom quartz crystals

In Arkansas, finding quartz crystals is like finding seashells at the beach - they're everywhere!

But here's the cool part: some of these crystals are super special and worth a lot more than you'd think. Yep, hidden among the regular ones are some real gems that collectors go crazy for.

You might have even found one yourself without knowing it! These special quartz crystals might have extra sparkle, cool shapes, or awesome colors that make them worth a lot of money.

So, next time you're exploring Arkansas, keep your eyes open - you might just stumble upon a treasure worth more than you'd ever guess!


Arkimers are like the cool cousins of Herkimer diamonds but found right here in Arkansas!

Just like the ones from New York, Arkimers have points at both ends and can vary in size and clarity.

And get thisthey seriously look like diamonds! That's why they're so sought after.

You can make a pretty penny selling these babies, especially if they're big and sparkly!

But here's the thing: not every double-ended crystal is an Arkimer.

It's gotta have that special shine and clarity to be the real deal.

So, keep your eyes peeled for these diamond look-alikes—they're like hidden treasures waiting to be found!

There are several places where you can find arkimers. You can find them at most, if not all of the mines. There is one mine that we have found to have more Arkimers than most, Pine Ridge Crystals!

If you would like to find out more about Pine Ridge Crystals and get a mine coupon for digging there, check out our e-book which has over 100 pages of information and gives all the details about all the places you can dig for crystals in Arkansas.

Faden Quartz

Picture this: inside a clear quartz crystal, there's this thin, milky line running through it.

When a crystal fractures, it forms the Faden, which is a distinctive thread-like mark. The fractures then heal and grow, leaving this unique pattern.

It's like a little window into the crystal's past, showing how it formed over time!

People love collecting Faden quartz because it's like owning a piece of nature's history.

It's quite distinctive in appearance, wouldn't you agree?

And get this: it's highly collectible and can be valued at hundreds of dollars!

If you would like to find out where the best places to find fadens, make sure you check out our e-book which has over 100 pages of information about the places you can dig for crystals in Arkansas!

Quartz with Chlorite Inclusions

Chlorite included quartz is a rare gemstone that's highly sought after by collectors and crystal enthusiasts. It's considered one of Arkansas's hidden treasures.

While this variant of quartz presents itself in various colors, including brown, the most sought-after is the vibrant green.

Composed of silicon dioxide with significant inclusions of green chlorite, this unique crystal boasts intricate patterns and a captivating green hue.

Quartz slowly enveloped chlorite minerals to create this natural artwork over millions of years!

Discovering these rare crystals is akin to unearthing a precious gem, as their scarcity imbues them with considerable value, fetching prices that can soar into the hundreds of dollars for a single specimen!

Solution Quartz

Solution quartz, possibly the most valuable among Arkansas's quartz finds, earned its reputation due to its rarity and distinctive formations.

It was once found only in the now-closed Jeffrey Quarry, inaccessible since it filled with water.

Rockhounds and collectors have renewed their interest in a sought-after crystal due to the opening of a new mine!

Named for its formation process, solution quartz grows in cavities filled with hot, silica-rich solutions, resulting in clear, prismatic crystals with unique etchings and patterns.

For more information on Arkansas's mines as well as money-saving coupons for the new mine that has solution quartz, check out our ebook!


Blue phantoms, a rare and highly coveted variety of quartz, stand out among Arkansas's mineral treasures.

Formed through a fascinating geological process, these phantoms develop when a layer of blue-gray clay settles on a quartz crystal's surface during its growth.

Over time, additional layers of quartz envelop the clay, creating distinctive blue "ghosts" or phantoms within the crystal.

While phantoms are relatively common in many Arkansas mines, blue phantoms are a true rarity, found only in select locations.

Despite their scarcity, blue phantoms fetch prices that soar into the hundreds of dollars due to their uniqueness and allure among collectors.

Phantoms are highly sought after by rockhounds and mineral enthusiasts due to their rarity and uniqueness.

Where can I find these rare crystals?

Arkansas is known for its fascinating quartz crystals that provide a glimpse into the wonders of nature.

From the captivating chlorite included quartz to the elusive blue phantoms, these rare treasures hold a special appeal for collectors and enthusiasts.

While blue phantoms may steal the spotlight, there are still many other rare gems waiting to be discovered across the state.

To learn where to find Arkansas's diverse crystal treasures, explore our ebook.

Are you a rockhound or an adventurous explorer looking to uncover the hidden gems of Arkansas's mineral world? Look no further!

I've got just the guide you need to make your next adventure an unforgettable one.

Get ready to discover the most stunning and fascinating mineral treasures that Arkansas has to offer!

Authorship and credits: Article written by Necia Nash with prompts from Chat GPT

Edited by Jennifer Walker with Prompts created by Grammarly - "Improve it" - "Shorten it" - "Make it engaging"

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